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It's 2064, and the toughest man in the United States Marine Corps is a woman."

NAME: Shane Autumn Vansen
RANK: Captain, 58th Squadron, US Marine Corps.
RACE: Caucasian
AGE: 22
WILDCARD CALL SIGN: Queen of Diamonds
SERIAL NUMBER: 560-51-03318
CURRENT STATUS: Missing in Action, Celestial Body 2063 Yankee
PLAYED BY: Kristen Cloke

As children, during the AI Wars, Shane and her younger sisters watched from a crawl-space in the attic as Artificial Intelligence Rebels (human-looking cyborgs originally built to serve and protect humankind) broke into the Vansen home and executed her parents. Since then, she has done her best to mother her two sisters. Shane's hatred and fear of the Al's, or Silicates, is the driving force in her life.

Shane joined the Marines in memory of and in tribute to her parents and as an escape from the responsibility of caring for her two sisters. In her own words, Shane explained why she joined the Marines, "I joined for me... my life. I don't want to take care of anyone for awhile." But Shane has found a new family that needs her care, the Wildcards.

In the episode "Dear Earth," Shane writes in a letter to her sister, Ann, saying that she had been fighting to avenge the death of Marion Vansen, but now she was fighting to protect the life of Marion Vansen Bowman, Ann's daughter.

Known as "Queen of Diamonds" among her fellow Wild Cards (the 58th squadron), Shane Vansen often is in command in the field in place of Lt. Col McQueen. In "Dear Earth," Shane is promoted to Captain, as of 16 April, 2064. It is also revealed that Shane won the Bronze Star for mowing down an uncounted number of Chig soldiers and saving her Squadron members while hanging 100 feet in the air suspended by a parachute.

In the episode "Dark Side of the Sun," Shane finds out that the reason that the AIs killed her parents was that the coin came up tails. The AIs took a chance and Shane's family lost the bet. She then single-handedly defeats all of the AIs on the mining base and frees her comrades who were being held under siege by the AIs.

In the episode "Never No More," we are given another glimpse of Shane's past. The man she almost married, Captain John Oakes, who has just lost his girlfriend to the Chigs reappears as part of the 35th squadron. She had told him at her senior prom when he asked her to marry him that she did not believe in forever. She points to the full moon and says that it will set in a different place in two weeks, and then it will only be a half moon. Two weeks later, there'll be no moon at all. When he asks if this is a no, she replies that she wants to see where they are in five years.

Shane volunteers to accompany the 35th on a dangerous intelligence mission because the 35th is missing a man. She asks McQueen if she's doing the right thing. He answers, "There's got to be something besides this war." While on the mission, a new Chig pilot, known as Chiggie von Richtoffen to the Earth forces, who has been destroying squadrons left and right, appears. Vansen breaks radio silence announcing his presence, but is later blamed for the deaths of three Marines due to this by Capt. Oakes. However, Shane is the first pilot to see Chiggie and live, so McQueen whisks her off to a briefing with the brass.

Later, in the bar, Capt. Oakes appologizes to Shane and they dance to "Never No More," by Patsy Cline (because their song, "I Fall to Pieces," is the only Patsy Cline song not in the Tun Tavern's jukebox). Shane says that she's sorry that she (his girlfriend) couldn't be there but that she's not sorry that she is.

John is assigned to the 58th to go after Chiggie, and is given a Wildcards patch by West. Chiggie eliminates the Fighting Finns, and the Wildcards are called in to eliminate him. John's Hammerhead is damaged in the ensueing battle, and he rams Chiggie when CvR is locked onto Shane. Chiggie is hardly damaged, and definitely not destroyed, but no remains are found of Captain Oakes. Shane realizes that it will be "Never No More."

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